Sponges For Staining Furniture

Staining wood furniture is an art, and it is not an art form that is achieved the same way for each person. Many people argue whether sponges or bristled brushes are better for staining wood, and some people prefer brushes. However, sponges are often preferred by people who are beginners or those who want to make it easier to create an even finish. Sponges do not leave the same types of streaks that some brushes leave, and they can also be used to create an added marbled look to certain types of wood. In some cases, they provide a better overall finish. For example, pine wood soaks up stain quickly, so a sponge or foam brush will give it the most even look.

How To Pick The Right Sponge For Staining Wood

Although regular sponges are still used for staining wood, foam sponge brushes are the most common choice. These are sponges that are shaped and come in different sizes. The tips are usually tapered to a point. To choose the right type of sponge, think about the size of the wood surface. If it is long and wide, a bigger sponge is better. For pieces of wood with smaller surfaces or intricate details, a much smaller and more tapered sponge is better. Also, look at the surface of the sponge. For the most even results, the porous surface should have small openings. If they are spaced far apart, this can result in blotches. To create a more marbled look, some people may prefer handheld sponges.

Where To Find Sponges For Staining Wood

Sponges can be purchased in most home improvement stores. It may be harder to find the smaller sponges or foam brushes in these stores, so look in an art supply shop if necessary. Most major home improvement and art supply retailers sell these items online as well.

How Much Do Sponges Cost?

The cost of sponges will vary depending on their size and quality. Expect to spend anywhere between $1 and $20 depending on specifications. Online stores normally add shipping charges. A high-quality sponge can be reused for several projects if it is cleaned and cared for properly.

Cleaning Up And Maintaining Sponges

It is difficult to remove the stain from sponges, but they are cheap enough that most people buy new ones for each project. However, people who regularly stain furniture may choose to soak their sponges in turpentine or mineral spirits before rinsing them well with water. Sponges should be stored away from sunlight in a sealed bag if they will be reused. The bag will prevent dirt and other debris from collecting on them.