Colored Wax for Furniture Cracks

Once upon a time, filling nail holes, mending cracks or removing scratches from your wood furniture was typically a time-consuming chore. Now you can handle these tasks in just a matter of minutes and for a very low cost with colored wax filler sticks. There is no need to strip the existing finish or sand the surface before making repairs with the sticks.

Matching Colored Wax

These sticks come in a variety of colors to match any wood, and they are also available in black or white. If you need a shade that is in between two choices, choose the darker shade for best results. You can also mix two colors to customize the shade to match your furniture. If you prefer, you can use two or more colors separately, starting with the lighter color and then applying darker shades in successive layers.

How To Repair The Furniture Cracks with Colored Wax

Repairing cracks in your wood or filling holes is simple. Just shave or cut enough material off the stick. Soften it in warm water or by kneading it with your fingers. If you need a large quantity, such as when you are mixing colors, you can also use a blow dryer to soften the wax. Just be sure that you don’t overdo the heat as this could cause burns.

Once you have softened the wax, you need to press it into the crack or hole. You can use your fingers to do this, or you can buy a plastic spatula to help you force the wax into tight areas. Clean off any excess wax with the plastic spatula or use an outdated credit card or store loyalty card to remove it and to make sure that the repair does not extend above the surface.

Allow the wax to harden. This only takes a few minutes. When the wax has set, you need to buff the repaired area. Use a soft, clean cotton cloth for this buffing. If desired, you can finish with furniture polish.

If you just need to remove a surface scratch, you can use the stick as a crayon. Rub it across the area to be repaired. You want to build up the area and leave a little excess. Then take a rubber spatula and remove the excess, making sure the repaired area is level. Because the wax may have softened while you were “coloring” the area, allow a few minutes for it to set, then buff and polish.

The wax sticks work best for filling small or medium nail holes and cracks. They are available from numerous online sources and at many hardware or home improvement stores. Bought separately, the sticks cost approximately $5 each. Some manufacturers offer packs of six sticks for about $25, and many offer packs that contain more than one color.

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  1. That’s so interesting; I’ve never heard of these colored wax sticks before. When you fill holes or cracks in furniture with them, is it permanent? There are quite a few scratches in my grandmother’s old wooden chest, so we are trying to find ways to fix the scratches to keep it looking nicer for longer. I am not sure where I could get those wax colors, though, so I may just look into working with a professional. Who knows; maybe a furniture specialist will use this wax to fix my heirloom.

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