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How to Properly Apply Wood Veneers

Wood veneering is the process of gluing thin pieces of wood to thicker, more solid pieces of wood, often called base wood or substrate. This base wood is usually made of particle board or plywood. Veneers are frequently made from expensive wood such as mahogany or maple. Veneers also give the appearance of expensive decorative wood but are less costly compared to crafting the furniture from solid pieces of lumber. Continue reading How to Properly Apply Wood Veneers

DIY on a Budget

Quality High, Price Low – DIY on a Budget

Houses quickly become outdated or tired and are left in the same state for many years purely because the cost of upgrading or renovating is just too high. Sure, regular cleaning and the odd addition here or there might keep it looking fresh, but some areas of the home just cannot be improved without some proper work. Continue reading DIY on a Budget

tack cloth

How To Make A Tack Cloth

A tack rag or a tack cloth is used to clean the surface of wood furniture before refinishing. It works better than an ordinary rag because it has a sticky surface that allows it to pick up even the tiniest dust particles. Furthermore, unlike an ordinary rag, tack cloths do not leave any residue behind. They can be purchased at an affordable price or you can make your own. It is important to know how to make a tack cloth Continue reading How To Make A Tack Cloth