DIY on a Budget

Quality High, Price Low – DIY on a Budget

Houses quickly become outdated or tired and are left in the same state for many years purely because the cost of upgrading or renovating is just too high. Sure, regular cleaning and the odd addition here or there might keep it looking fresh, but some areas of the home just cannot be improved without some proper work.

With finances tight for everyone at the moment, DIY isn’t exactly high on the list of priorities and the outdated items continue to make you feel less happy with your home – a place where you should be excited about heading to, not dreading like many homeowners unable to make essential adjustments.

DIY on a budget is particularly difficult, especially when you’re trying to do it well. A lot of modifications look cheap and actually make the room, or house as a whole, look worse when done incorrectly, but a lot of relatively cheap DIY tips can completely transform the look of a home and add significant value for very little expense.


One of the easiest ways to wear out things in the home is the furniture, particularly if it’s made of materials such as leather. While it may be hard-wearing, leather can dry out if located in direct sunlight or near a radiator. In these circumstances, the leather can lose its shine and crack, making it look much older. By moving it away from direct heat sources and giving it regular coats of leather cleaning products such as shampoos, you can keep your furniture looking brand new for years.

Similarly, curtains and cushions can wear out easily, but rather than throwing them out or buying new versions – which can be particularly expensive – making repairs yourself can be a cost-effective solution. With a bit of knowledge relating to a needle and thread and some new material, you can turn tired looking cushions or curtains into stylish home accessories.


Kitchen units in particular can make a house look tired, especially if they start hanging off their hinges. Sometimes the fix can be quick and easy, just tightening the screws, in other cases however it might be worth trying to replace the doors and transforming your kitchen. You wouldn’t necessarily need to replace all of the units or worktops so you would only be paying for the new doors – which you could even make yourself if you’re handy with a saw and MDF.

Wooden Furniture

Kitchen tables and chairs made from wood can wear out over time, but rather than throw them out, bring them back to life! With a bit of sanding you could take the furniture back to its original state and either leave it looking rustic and natural, or paint it to help it fit in with the new look of your kitchen or dining room.


You don’t need expensive LED’s dotted around the home to make your lighting look innovative and effective, you just need to use it the right way. Sometimes simple lamps on a corner table can give that less is more effect, while going overboard can make a room overbearing.


Wallpaper is a particularly expensive investment, and one that comes with a lot of faff too, trying to get it all to line up and stick flush to the wall. One method that is becoming very popular is to opt for one feature wall in a room, drawing the attention to it and painting this one wall means you’re not paying too much for paint to do the whole room. One wall with a particular pattern or in a contrasting colour to all of the others could breath new life into the room.

Spring Cleaning

One very simple way of bringing your home back to life is to give it a thorough clean from top to bottom. Most homeowners will hoover regularly and get the polish out on a lazy Sunday at home, but not many give the house a proper cleaning, getting every room looking freshly decorated just by taking a damp cloth, some polish and a hoover in and attacking the dirt that you didn’t even realize was there. So effective and possibly the cheapest method going.

This article was written by Nicola Crozier, a freelance writer specializing in all things for the home, to decorating tips.