Best Paint Brands

We all want what’s best for our furniture. When it starts to wear and tear you may want to consider doing a quick makeover. It’s really not that expensive, but you do need to make sure you choose a quality paint to make it worth your time. It is important to distinguish which of these brands are the best paint brands if we want our furniture to have that excellent professional look.

Benjamin Moore® and Sherwin Williams® are paint brands that I will always recommended for those with money to spend. If you need to cut costs, then the best paint brand to use would be either Glidden®, Behr®, or Dutch Boy®.

High Quality Paint – Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin Williams®

Consumer reports says that Benjamin Moore® can be considered the best overall paint brand. Offering both interior and exterior paint with more than 3,000 colors and kinds of paint, I’d say it can definitely be considered one of the best. What is interesting about this brand is that they offer a software where you can see the outcome of your room with the color you pick. This is definitely a big help for those who can’t decide on what color to use.

Sherwin Williams®, on the other hand, is considered as the brand with the best quality according to user reviews. Like Benjamin Moore®, this brand offers both interior and exterior paints in both latex or oil-based varieties. It also has the software that lets you see the outcome of the room in a specific paint color. However, unlike the software of Benjamin Moore®, this one works faster and also provides two other colors that would go well with the color that you chose.

These two brands are rather expensive, but they are both definitely high in quality. In fact, these brands do not fade easily even if directly exposed to sunlight so your furniture will look newer for a longer period of time.

Inexpensive Paint – Behr®, Glidden®, Dutch Boy®

If you don’t want to spend too much on paint, then Behr®, Glidden®, or Dutch Boy® would be your best bets. Although they fade faster and are usually more hazardous than the other two mentioned above, they still have some benefits.

Behr® and Glidden® are great choices for those who want quality paint and a faster painting process. They offer some paints that don’t need primer and enamel to work properly. This can be a big advantage for those who are time-sensitive.

Dutch Boy®, on the other hand, is considered the best value paint brand. It was formerly the leader of lead-based paint but is now changing its process so that it can create environmentally friendly paints.

There are many things to take into account when choosing a paint brand. Remember that price is not the only factor. When it comes to paint, you really do pay for what you get.

Eco-Friendly Paint Brands

With the increasing awareness of global warming comes the new era of “going green”. This means that more and more companies are changing their production lines to make their products safer for both humans and the environment. Paints are no exception.

Like normal paint brands, two of the best non-toxic paint brands are Sherwin Williams® and Benjamin Moore®. Sherwin Williams® has introduced a line of environmentally friendly paints called GreenSure. This line is composed of five paint products that do not only reduce the impact on the environment, but also offer quality performance. Like the other Sherwin Williams® products, these are very durable and suitable for long-term use.

Benjamin Moore® also released two products, Aura and Natura, in response to global warming. Aura was actually the first paint ever to be completely chemical-free, and Natura added to this by becoming odorless as well. Even though these paints are environmental friendly they are still high in quality, washable, durable, and resistant to stain.

As mentioned above, both these brands are quite costly. There are many other more affordable non-toxic paint brands available, but they are not of the same quality and there are not many colors to choose from.

The paint you will use on your furniture will greatly affect how long it will last so choose your paint brands wisely. Learn more about all of the different types of paints here.